Sébastien Doubinsky – 1 poem


Cambodia Orchestra


women are great devils

wooden sword
wooden mask
wooden dick

gotta protect yerself

in the shadow Cambodia Orchestra is watching

grinning mask of death grinning while grinning

sprays of spunk
beautiful pussy to the eye

women are great devils
and Cambodia Orchestra smokes a cigarette

it’s instinctual

legs crossed in the bus
the schoolgirl’s white panties
stick out their tongue at me

in my head spunk sprays continuously
on a red background

erotic mask of death sneering while sneering

crossed legs
it’s instinctual

a bit of breast sticks out of her shirt
a standing breast sticks out of her shirt

in front of the saint-nicolas church
Cambodia Orchestra kneels to tie up his shoelace
and to hide his erection

women are great devils
sprays of spunk on the frozen backseat
of an ice-cream truck

her knees bang on the window
made of ”securit” unbreakable glass

bang!               bang!               bang!

     yes!                  yes!                  yes!

I…!                 I…!                 I…!

push-and-pull of the in-and-out absorbing us

her knees bang against my head
in sprays of spunk setting me on fire
and making me blind

Camdodia Orchestra comes out of the movies
waving the smoke away with a morning newspaper

it’s easter soon

resurrection of christ spunk oozing
out of his wounds

saint-thomas hesitates before touching
maria-magdalena touches herself without hesitation
Cambodia Orchestra loves everybody

women are great devils

mask of death dying while dying

she has the most beautiful breasts in the world
and her cunt has the sweetest pattern
but she is impossible to penetrate

sprays of spunk hesitating in front of the obstacle
like nervous stallions

emblems of the feminine body
but the feminine body is impossible to categorize

i turn the pages which stick to my fingers
on the table falls a bundle of memories
which I hide in my pocket

it’s easter soon

ten o’clock in the morning

the fishbowl has fallen in the bed

golden fish condemned to asphyxiate
golden fish drowning in the pure air
of her snatch

i deflower her like a melanesian
i have chosen the most beautiful fish
it has eyes as soft as pearls

Cambodia Orchestra bursts into a laughter and his teeth are white and regular
they look like ivory

fetish love of Gauguin aloha

yellow of her cunt on the green of my dick
tip of my dick on her yellow backwards

women are great devils

i have sold my soul to women

i deserve a little death

Cambodia Orchestra wears his hangman’s hood

i condemn myself to death by hanging

pull!                 pull!                 pull!

my tongue turns pink like a dick
and my dick swells like a tongue

sprays of spunk like the fountains of chaillot
she welcomes in her palms turned towards the sky

love hanging

the fruit-basket falls

Camdodia Orchestra stares at an apple rolling
under the bed

on the sheet the shadow of my erection
indicates exactly the hour
minus the minutes

it’s easter soon

in my dreams i can see the secrets of my dreams
small lips big lips of the sawn-up mouths of the fetishes

on the map
a lot of white stains

i am visiting the anthropological museum

peaceful mask of death of this peaceful world

all this dust

behind a display window i see another display window
in which my wrapped-up heart is displayed like a relic

stolen one day in my sacred temple
behind the back of the vestals
who have their cunts perfumed like armpits

i demand you give me my heart back
it has been sucked on for too long
by your generations of colonial tourists

the maps are covered
with white stains

terrae incognitae

my finger in her cunt

in the shadow Cambodia Orchestra is watching 



Cambodia Orchestra tells me everything that has happened while i was gone and i cannot believe my ears. All this love wasted, thrown out of the window, washed down the drain, wiped off with a paper towel. The world reserves are not eternal however. One has to shake his booty, twist his spine, sweat his ass off in order to draw attention and provoke a reaction. Cambodia Orchestra shrugs off my worries. What he likes is a good cigar. Love can wait. Old tires get changed.



in the street i am chasing after a pussy transparent under her skirt

Cambodia Orchestra drives by in a cab without noticing me

i am obsessed with the invisible

the sex of woman is a potential bouquet

let’s pluck it

her dress red as a flower-pot

this is the key



women are great devils

sprays of spunk spray over
Cambodia Orchestra’s open coffin
and hang on the taxis’ fragile antennas

her eyes fill up with tears
and she bites her lower lip

this day is too beautiful and all of the sky
cannot manage to enter in our little room
our bed is overcrowded with the skeletons of the fish

i take her gently though her tears
she says she loves me and I tell myself ”everything is possible”
and i shake my bum faster so that she can love me even more

love is like that sometimes

i’ll have to ask

women are great devils



in the shadow CAMBODIA ORCHESTRA IS WATCHING WOMEN ARE GREAT DEVILS IT’S TRUE SPRAYS OF SPUNK FALL ONTO THE CURB LIKE GOLD COINS Cambodia orchestra loves everybody even death who loves without revealing she’s death because she is too scared herself by the idea of her own death and CAMBODIA ORCHESTRA SMILES WHILE HIS FINGERS LOOK FOR A PACKAGE OF CIGARETTES IN HIS POCKET which has the shape and the color of a heart

the sex of women is an artificial bouquet

in the restaurant there is a little plastic buddha above the door with plastic incense sticks

jasmine tea reminds me of my beloved’s neck

and then          and then          there is

Cambodia Orchestra
disguised as a waiter

him again

like my shadow



love hanging

i hang myself to her breasts like a desperate clerk
and fruits roll under the table

an apple    a pear    an orange

refresh my tongue
swollen like a pink tie

love-hanging to the gallows of my beloved’s lips

Cambodia Orchestra pulls on the rope

pull!     pull!     pull!
I…!     I…!     I…!

hands of my love looking for my mouth in darkness
hands of my love which i devour passionately
blood of my love flowing over my chin like burning jam
laughter of my love laughing at my love

women are great devils

sprays of spunk shoot like A.A. guns
sprays of spunk in darkness aimed at the bomber
of my love
sirens screaming

I camouflage my dick
my hands turn the handles
parachute of my love slowly coming down towards me

i can see her panties

my fingers in the fabric
my fingers like tigers in her jungle

Ho-Chi coochie 1971



burn me



women are great devils

ogoun genies from supermarkets with flashy billboards


you must plunder

plunder everything!

women ogoungenies from supermarkets on fire
giving away stolen fruits shaped like ripe children
while Cambodia Orchestra announces the specials over the microphone

women ogoun genies squeeze me on their breasts
so enormous they choke me like a ripe fruit

i burst


continuous sprays of spunk like gold fish in a matisse painting

still life of my love exhibited at the museum

the guardians have a lousy job but who cares

art is more beautiful on strike days

and instead of taking the subway

we can walk


and disappear




all this to talk about Cambodia Orchestra’s laughter
to talk about his laughter so terribly big and so terribly white
his laughter so full of teeth and gums his laughter so full of noise and spit his laughter so terribly mean and so terribly beautiful

all this to talk about the beauty of my beloved’s cunt
women are great devils and the spit at the corner of her mouth has the bitterness of beautiful summer days

all this to talk about the death of death dying while dying in the corner like an old crazy woman who has forgotten how to make up and how to dress the skeleton of her old crazy bones

all this to talk about my love for my love supported in this by Cambodia Orchestra the shadow counsellor of my relative power over the matters of sex which dwell in the hole of my beloved’s wall

ok, enuf said

time for




Sébastien Doubinsky was born in Paris in 1963. Having spent a part of his early childhood in America, he is completely bilingual and writes both in English and in French. An established writer in France, Sébastien Doubinsky has published a series of novels, covering different genres, from classical literature to crime fiction. The Babylonian Trilogy is his first novel published in English. He currently lives in Århus, Denmark, with his wife and his two children.


About gobbet

gobbet is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the very best experimental poetry and prose. Intellectual perversity and explorations of dark themes are positively encouraged. We are only interested in work that is progressively experimental. We want to see risks, and we want to see them pay. No previously published work. Prose should not be longer than 1000 words. There are always exceptions. Send 3-5 poems. Include a short bio. Send submissions to gobbetmag@hotmail.co.uk Work will be published every 5-10 days. We also intend to publish anthologies of selected work published in gobbet. We will do our best to reply promptly. Most submissions will receive a decision within a month.
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2 Responses to Sébastien Doubinsky – 1 poem

  1. I am staggered by the obscene beauty, the intricate and original details, the inundation of my every sense. I don’t have command of enough superlatives to address this poem with justice.

    And the lines abit the old woman (read, me) was a direct hit to my solar plexus, ad I mean that as compliment.

    Thank you.

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