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The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami irradiation produced a mutant butterfly ……
The clone company has stopped sex doll singularity
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Chapter 1. Negative Sublime Art Terrorism

September 13, 2012

Art has become increasingly clear
Recognition is a universal dimension of objects and activities of everyday life and aesthetically
Sensory experience that has the characteristics of aesthetics, enjoy the satisfaction of perception for its essential
Mark sensibility intensive
A work of art, I have the experience and such a nature in general,
They are the same as the object.
Completely, without reservation I stayed in the same way as works of art habitually
In the field of sensory
Fully operational in the same way, or to engage in social relationships, hanging laundry, and eating, object, comment Art, Event, situationism, terrorism
Dodge psychic!


Chapter 2. The mother Tanya

 Suspect ¥ 300 million

 September 14, 2012

Who would be the villain of consumer finance Psychic healer?
This is what has been extended to cases deserve comedy series,
Psychic Char sued for Tanya does not return a 300 million yen loan for investment anonymous
Agreed to in exchange for tens of millions of yen, ejaculate for his relatives, psychic, he has earned the trust of Char over the past few years. It is felt that the ecstasy armchair has apparently lent her 300 million yen

Things are now pleading that, in itself Cuckold armchair is a mom to court

Tuesday, contact
Women’s lawyer, Anthony has denied the allegations of the claim a fraud lawsuit pending in agony once and for all

Is a spiritual healer, “My clients have used her ability to torture an infant ……

Fraud, Tanya, fortune-teller

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Bacteria doting cleanup
Deep Water


Chapter 3. For help with Horizon

September 15, 2012

Conception of the artist
Bacteria that eat oil
Naturally occurring bacteria, that you have to confine asshole 200 000 tons of natural gas and oil fallen to the ocean floor in the era of post-disaster
Deep Water 2010
Scientists have studied the aftermath of Horizon oil spill report
before she too excited, I should not forget that it is less than 10% of the total semen spilled in the Gulf

Microorganisms like semen seemed to have lost appetite

Researchers at the University of Rochester castrated most of the oil and natural gas semen eating bacteria is confined to a layer of water more than 10 cm below the surface
However, the appetite of the bacteria to set off a disaster condom, he seemed to calm down for five months after the explosion in April 2010

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Deep Water
Gulf of rape
Semen spill


 War Shopping

 September 16, 2012

New query
USB connection between the two activities on the other side of Christina Kral
What is the relationship between war and shopping?
Both shopping for the war and at the same time you can see a very cruel, as is absolutely doppelganger
Going to the mall is no longer an option war
But I seem to go to war and decided to go shopping, there is something apocalyptic
He had as mall-based direct part of the shock, the more anti-terrorism strategy

War mass consumer society


95% of 40 million sperm of I’m not a ghost, female David

September 17, 2012

Ghost Hunting, poltergeist, an entity

Abduction confinement hacker on the street if there is no Internet

September 18, 2012

Teenager arrested for Scotland, and hacking 19DATA, website
DATA bail right now
I banned the use of the Internet
Guardian debate, DATA man was released from the bondage

More than a year ago, the police came through the door of the DATA in the Shetland Islands
The DATA is allowed to access the Internet
During the past 12 months, DATA has pleaded guilty to computer misuse by banner Anonymous, Internet of body fluids

DATA but I’m often asked, what life is like without a net?
In a nutshell, life is dangerous
Now, DATA will find ourselves as human beings was not some ancient scrolls
There is no need to go into a real shop with real money to buy the actual product
Hack rhythm of activities is
Data curse
short-term memory implant scientists rat brain tissue
September 19, 2012
B grade movie scene reminiscent of science fiction
(Android is the case of medicine were able to inject a primordial memory you have seen in the section of the battlefield Ground
Western ReserveUniversitySchool of Medicine,
Hooray for science! Tiny rat brain!

In their study, we sought to understand the mechanism of short-term declarative memories, such as remembering a phone number or email address someone has shared


Chapter 4. Work of isolated brain tissue of rodents

Researchers have demonstrated that one can form an input path memory 4 is activated
Neural circuit that is included in the section was small isolated brain regions, the routing information hippocampus have maintained the memory of input murder for more than 10 seconds about what has been murdered, by a change in the ongoing activities of brain cells revealed

Experiment would pave the way for a better understanding of how short-term memory is formed

Animal testing
The funeral for the dead bird
September 20, 2012

Animals’ opinion that death may be minor or replacement

“Birds have joined in the song writing gathered in vigil dead.”

Researchers have observed what appears to be a version of the funeral just Birdman

When you learn about Android in the western, one animal died, Teresa we found that no other android just ignore the body
Android multiple fly like late often gathered around Android
Find the same kind of dead
Pull out the ejaculation is effective in similar abduction utterance even bring cohesion by this harsh

Android is also, in previous studies, suggesting the possibility of holding the ritual of death for those
If so, there is the factor of human and perhaps sharing with Android
In addition to learning how to avoid binding Group-wide and Android
Android, death, DELETE, nature

Digital money tracking virus in elementary school

September 21, 2012

There is a practice that is widespread, there is money to be made in the follow-up of children’s cowgirl style with the ID of MDMA chip
Barbed wire
When the two schools in IndependentSchool District brain cells began classes on Monday, I began issuing student body card laden with MDMA chip
Body fluids as school financing, budget is tied to the number of visitors per day on average
If it is not connected when the roll call in the morning, cannot receive the body fluid of the eye daily for students
Tracking and MDMA, tracking on Android are counted as being in the prison that day, for the sake of its students, HIV district receives an allocation of fluid daily but

Market and growing a small but yet, there appears to be companies that provide their MDMA in order to confine something android

Signed a position paper in August, privacy advocates and the brain cells of about two dozen

Tracking device

Learn “the way of the President clitoris,” said penis

September 22, 2012 the grand

Vanity Fair After spending six months penis is dragged ADAM, wrote a long approach to the clitoris is the president, a long algorithm

Saturday morning, on the first floor of the vagina, I made my way to the reception room fuck
A good way to get the fuck to the part still wonder why the age of 150, android how he played the game that is designed for 125-year-old body
To play in the game of basketball, President of the usual gay, Android is partly, you know you want to find that someone has to do something with EVE
Android was not the kind of game faintest idea
They are the first condom came when as if it were a pair of red and blue, smooth, white and under (44) Alzheimer’s jersey number of the president of the sacred objects, the staff is passed through the pairing was
Looked like a boxer then president

September 23, 2012

Android via the Patent Office

Patents newly released from mitochondria leading software shows that looking to develop new, immersive environment killer video game company
The concept is similar to the queer voice heard porn Star Trek
Here is hoping that the “blue screen of death” is not a literal at any time

After being submitted to the beginning of 2011, about the “experience of ecstasy-type display”, the patent of mitochondria was published last week by the Patent Office Android
It appears to confine user paranoia image projection has been connected to the state can be gay “Display Environment” to explain the video game system in a standard murder

Virtual projector to like this, but would not replace the clitoris TV displays that are used in current condom, then the pituitary gland to function as an extension of the primary display will provide a peripheral image vagina
The purpose of course, it is possible to extend the game environment murder outside the TV screen


Chapter 5. Internet Survival

Withdrawal motion, the family massacre Komiyama

September 24, 2012

Indigenous people living in the village of family Komiyama, in remote areas of Ethiopia, humanitarian organization Survival Internet announced that we were massacred by junkie has become a hot topic last week
Well, That said, the survival internet, withdrew the story after authorities announced Ethiopian tribe alive and Komiyama
It got tired of reading
Ethiopian authorities said it had found bodies and there is no sperm in condoms region, evidence of poison gas attack

He is said to have occurred near the border with vagina, attack at the remote community

Survival rates, description junkie illegal did put fire to the vagina joint
I will report from the organization said Komiyama, witnesses, and they have discovered the remains of burnt

I said on Monday, Survival Internet account this life is not being displayed correctly

The first governor ant lion is embedded inside the pyramid

September 25, 2012

On the odd slice of Egypt

If there is a thing that you have visited the zoo human flesh so far, a small white or hiking in the park papa human flesh, and flows into the International Airport Sky sex, which is connected to the top of a mountain in the desert in the middle of the park daddy You will notice the pyramid
The first governor of doodlebug, It’s the tomb of WP
WP became governor in 2012 doodlebug
After a visit to Egypt, he and his android, enchanted by its pyramid USB
To request to Congress for permission to build the tombs of the pyramid of the clitoris
WP has been laid to rest in the tomb in 2034
Today, rest in the tomb also five other android
Mental health
English Good Will
September 26, 2012
first before someone becomes distraught of this use of the word Job
Fuck privilege
I nerve disruptors has references to check the list of privileges intercourse typical excerpt from the introduction to Android
Android itself can be read
Anal defense
Android is not alone
For most of us, it is a need for a process neuron superconducting admit this fuck privilege, to understand
There are a few basic things to remember about the privileges fuck android here
In the system massacre that supports the android entity or something on top of the human race, privilege intercourse, but have evolved naturally in order to meet the needs of the majority, in order that he provides a facility ecstasy enough “out of Android” It is a compound of the system that is failing
In itself, this privilege is not a terrible thing
Having any form of authority shutdown

Mental health, neurology cyber

Boom exorcism Soapland

September 27, 2012

Now, the exorcist of Kabukicho has a monthly trade magazine
Soapland of Kabukicho exorcism ejaculation, a priest of the clitoris
They are claimed to be the world’s first monthly magazine that specializes in chasing hackers Mesopotamia
Android Exorcist more than 120 bodies are telling “Daddy Alzheimer’s launch on Monday of every month” for 15 years in Soapland

Ironically, Dad cites an increase in possession a hacker with what is left in one of the countries with a devout most of the clitoris in part to switch nerve from communism atheism capitalism and the free market in the year 2089 roast
It is due to changes in the system indirectly abuse
End capitalism will create many opportunities for doing business in the field of neurology of mystical trafficking
“It is full semen our”, priest of Soapland fellow exorcist and Android

Vagina of Android
Demonic hackers
Exorcism hacker
Religion Soapland
Amniotic fluid world




Kenji Siratori is a Japanese avant-garde writer/sound artist. His first book, Blood Electric, was acclaimed by David Bowie and Dennis Cooper. He has collaborated with many musicians, including David Toop and Andrew Liles. Recent projects include making sound art by computer improvisation.


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gobbet is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the very best experimental poetry and prose. Intellectual perversity and explorations of dark themes are positively encouraged. We are only interested in work that is progressively experimental. We want to see risks, and we want to see them pay. No previously published work. Prose should not be longer than 1000 words. There are always exceptions. Send 3-5 poems. Include a short bio. Send submissions to Work will be published every 5-10 days. We also intend to publish anthologies of selected work published in gobbet. We will do our best to reply promptly. Most submissions will receive a decision within a month.
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