Brad Liening – 5 poems



Bedbugs in the castle again.
Grass grows over a grave.

Someone’s great aunt graduates
From Duke University.
She is called The Mastermind.

Laugh tracks in the castle again.



The Wilds

Disaster appetite occurs with nonchalance
Braining pigeons on the way to codified bodies
In the history books.

The tiny forest shrinks into mere minutes.

I stand thusly, trembling in plastic shoes.
Overgrown buttons stipple.
An omen occurs out of sight.

One more sour melange and I’m good for the day
In the wilds of posthuman appendages.




Bus schedules are the apex of romance
In a galaxy of exhaust doing its hot best.
A one-room schoolhouse teeters on the brink
Where I contemplate awful math,
The airplane full of ocean,
The hidden infrastructure girding it all.
I begin breathing in order to swoon,
The air two parts dirty hands.
Drugs for airplanes, airplanes drug across dirty sands.
Civilization drizzles from stars and seeds itself.
The best we have to offer proffers lawful
Scenarios in which you may shoot a human.
Scooters idle outside the temple,
Scoring a common dream of disdain.



Gray Planet

Fog rousts the worst of them,
Tilts a pit of flies
And an ineradicable time stamp.

Meat changes.
Light changes.
Lint comes and goes

In a trapping heliocentric whorl
Gone wall-to-wall
And full of double-sided babble.

A thousand skeletons come
Into the light
To share tales of fruit

And new skin,
Garment factories in rusty dust.
Later we’ll all get together

To read aloud
From an illustrated book about horses
Famous for running very fast.



Fells Wargo

In a system of credit transfers
I’m susceptible to the noise
Of a storm of zeros. Some say
Some day we’ll have enough.

Enough of what — spinal shadows
Pass over us rooted to the ground,

Below ground the solemn ripping begins.

A system of noise follows a barge
Droning into a new dialect
Instituting recursive shunning.

Familiar sun leeches color from everything.
Only a raptor can stand not blinking.


Brad Liening lives in Minneapolis. He is the author of Death Salad, available from Schism2  press, and he can be found online here

About gobbet

gobbet is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the very best experimental poetry and prose. Intellectual perversity and explorations of dark themes are positively encouraged. We are only interested in work that is progressively experimental. We want to see risks, and we want to see them pay. No previously published work. Prose should not be longer than 1000 words. There are always exceptions. Send 3-5 poems. Include a short bio. Send submissions to Work will be published every 5-10 days. We also intend to publish anthologies of selected work published in gobbet. We will do our best to reply promptly. Most submissions will receive a decision within a month.
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